Freelance Paralegal Closing Services and Licensed Connecticut Realtor

CT Real Estate Services, LLC was established to offer a cost-efficient alternative to hiring a full-time paralegal

Cheers and thank you for visiting my website, CT Real Estate Services, LLC (“CTRES”).

My name is Amelia Ambrogio Pelton (“Mia”). I established CTRES so that I could offer a cost-efficient alternative to hiring a full-time real estate paralegal. I can be your backroom closing specialist handling your residential real estate closings from soup to nuts once you have a fully executed contract.


Amelia sitting downI grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut and I still reside in Norwalk. I graduated from Norwalk High School. I’m the proud mom of two boys (actually grown men) and a teenage grandson.

I am a Connecticut Paralegal with over 25 years of experience in the area of real estate. I have processed thousands of real estate transactions from Roton Point closings to residential real estate purchases, sales and refinances. I have been a Connecticut notary public since 1990.

In my career as a paralegal, I have worked full-time in general law practice law firms engaging in the areas of real estate, family law, probate, litigation and personal injury matters.  Also, having managed two law offices, I am very experienced in administration of law offices.

I am also a Connecticut Real Estate Agent with William Raveis in Norwalk. I have been an agent since 2016.

Reasons to hire me vs. a full time paralegal

  1. No overhead.
  2. No employee benefits.
  3. Allows attorney to have more time to focus on other matters.
  4. CTRES is highly experienced and can provide more efficient and accurate work product
  5. There can be no comparison in cost between an employee and a freelance paralegal.
  6. Hire CTRES as often or as little as needed for your residential closings or doc prep for a one-time closing, occasional closings, and on-going closings.
  7. No strings attached to hire CTRES as compared to some staffing agencies.
  8. We have the benefit of contacts , connections, and resources available

Closing Services

Real Estate Closings For Attorneys or Law Firms  

Notary Services

Notary Public Services + Mobile Notary Services

Rundown & Recording Services

Rundown & Recording Services 

Some Of My Qualifications

I am a freelance real estate paralegal providing off-site paralegal services to CT attorneys and law firms.

My knowledge and experience can assist you with all aspects of paralegal services pertaining to real estate transactions.

I can assist with residential Purchases, Sales and Refinance closings. 

As a cost-effective alternative, you may choose a la carte services that would suit your needs or an all-inclusive flat fee.

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  • Basic: Prepare Closing Disclosure (CD) or HUD, Closing Statement, obtain and deliver loan documents for closing.
  • Additional: Order title search; pick up signed loan documents; executed loan documents to lender; return two (2) copies to you; rundown and record; attendance at closing for exchange or notary services.


  • Basic: Prepare Bar Contract provided by attorney; Sale documents including Closing Statement and/or CD delivery for closing; order payoff(s); order final fuel and water.
  • Additional: Preparation of Quit Claim Deed, Power of Attorney or any other additional document; attendance at closing for exchange or notary services.
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  • Basic: Order Payoff; Prepare Closing Statement; Prepare CD/HUD; obtain and deliver loan documents for closing; Overnight executed documents to lender.
  • Additional: Order title search; Prepare Quit Claim Deed; Power of Attorney or any other additional document; Subordination Requests; rundown and record; attendance at closing for exchange or notary services.


Prepare Quit Claim Deeds
Prepare Power of Attorney Forms
Miscellaneous Real Estate Documents (Escrow or Occupancy excluded)

The alternative to A La Carte is an all inclusive fee that covers everything from doc prep to recording and additional miscellaneous document needed such as a quit claim deed.

Kindly note items specifically excluded from my closing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Legal review of documents including but not limited to title search and final documents for closing
  • Negotiations of Contract (or any negotiations)
  • Check Writing
  • Wire Confirmations
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Utility Transfers
  • Post Closing Issues (except for mistakes made by us)
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PLEASE NOTE: I only work with attorneys in good standing. Your information will be kept private. 


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